International Create Challenge (Aug 30 - Sept 20, 2017)

Turn your idea into a start-up


Results of the International Create Challenge 2017

On Tuesday, September 19th, after three weeks of hard work and networking, the ICC’2017 participants found out which teams the jury had selected among the winners of the challenge. The organizers of the ICC’2017 are proud to announce the following winning teams:

forensic_voice_recognition_system-icc2017-award-ceremony.jpg1) CHF 5’000.- cash - Forensic Voice Recognition System (Srikanth Madikeri) Forensic speaker recognition (FSR) involves the expert assessment of voice recordings to determine the identity of a speakers. In this project, FVRS develop a speaker comparison tool to provide a forensic strength of evidence based on the speaker recognition system developed at Idiap to meet the increasing demand of FSR services from law enforcement agencies in and around Switzerland.




robobay-icc2017-award-ceremony.jpg2) CHF 5’000.- cash - Robobay (Yaroslav Pishta) RoboBay is a cloud computing service for automatic/quant trading robots. Our clients are traders who need to manage their robots, developers and investors who are looking for the most successful robots. Supporting 10+ programming languages, available trading with crypto currencies and collaborative development, RoboBay is designed to be an efficient tool which will make client’s lives easier.




top-down-icc2017-award-ceremony.jpg3) CHF 5’000.- cash - TOP DOWN (Renato Rodrigues) Correlated to the theme "smart cities", the Top Down project uses the technology of IoT (Internet of Things) integrating a hardware with a mobile app and generating strategic information for public transport users, providing comfort and safety in travel. Digital payment and generation of Big Data make the experience even more dynamic both for the passenger and the urban mobility.




IdeArk_logoThe Free IdeArk Incubation award went to team Forensic Voice Recognition System.


The organizers of the ICC’2017 would like to thank all the 7 teams for their hard work and their commitment during the three weeks of the challenge and wish them all the best for their entrepreneurial future.

ICC'2017 Teams
ICC'2017 Testimonials


ICC'2017 Opening Day

Keynote speaker Nicolas Steiner 'startup ecosystem in London'



ICC'2017 presentation


BACKGROUND Switzerland is among the leading innovative countries, with her universities, research institutions and engineering schools ranking among the best in the world. This creates a natural breeding ground for start-up activities. However, the lack of a comprehensive program that combines training, mentorship and early stage investment stalls the progress of technology start-up creation. International Create Challenge intends to address this gap by facilitating start-up/ spin-out creation within the framework of the IM2/Idiap domains of research and technologies.
APPLIED MODEL The International Create Challenge provides the ideal breeding space and resources to drive early stage technology innovation into Minimum Viable Products and start-ups, providing top-notch coaching, seed funding and competitive prizes. The format is a free of charge, 3-week immersive program in which around 10 teams of 2 - 3 people, composed of developers, researchers, entrepreneurs and/or designers, will be engaged. The project selection is focused around the IM2/Idiap domains of research and technologies.
AWARDS The best three teams will each receive CHF 5’000.- cash of prize money. There is also the possibility to negotiate seed funding in exchange of up to 10-15% of equity of the created company. Should one of the teams decide to create a company locally by integratig the IdeArk Incubator, additional grants will be delivered: an open access to the The Ark Incubator with in-kind support of over CHF 100,000.-, CHF 10’000.- in the form of a The Ark Scholarship and other advantages.





The International Create Challenge wishes to accelerate the process of start-up creation. It offers a new concept in the value chain of booster programs, speeding up the time frame from the idea consolidation and the team setup to the prototype development.


Eligible research & technology areas

Research themes of the Idiap Research Institute are:

- Perceptual and cognitive systems

- Social/ human behavior

- Information interfaces and presentation

- Biometric Person Recognition

- Machine learning


Selection process


To select candidates, teams and projects, a 2-step call will be open prior to the 3-week period of the ICC.


First step: candidates will be selected according to their skills (developer/researcher, designer and/or entrepreneur) and their motivation. There is no need to have an idea at this stage. Skilled people still in search of an idea are given the possibility to integrate a team between the 2 steps of the selection process.


Second step: the selected candidates will be judged based on the teams of 2-3 people they have to set up, as well as their project ideas which must leverage Idiap domains of research and technology portfolio to drive their codes to a minimum viable products.




Program ICC'2017

The International Create Challenge is a full concept which includes top-of-the-class coaching and mentoring. Every day, a different topic (IP, funding, business model, market, competitors, customers) will be discussed with professionals through short plenary sessions and face-to-face meetings.

At the beginning of the ICC'2017, the participating teams will have the opportunity to exchange with a large pool of Idiap researchers during one afternoon. This meeting provides a unique occasion to share codes and/or ideas and to get an overview of the state-of-the-art of the related domains of research.


The successful team(s) will have the opportunity to integrate the IdeArk Incubator as soon as the ICC has ended.