ICC'2016 Results

Results of the International Create Challenge 2016

On Tuesday, September 20th, after three weeks of hard work and networking, the ICC’2016 participants found out which teams the jury had selected among the winners of the challenge. The organizers of the ICC’2016 are proud to announce the following winning teams:

1) CHF 5’000.- cash - VIPRODEV: Offers a breakthrough technology capable of recognizing the world around us, allowing the understanding of objects, humans and their behaviors in different environments, by processing 3D imaging in high definition and real time with a unique, compact, patented, all-in-one system.

2) CHF 5’000.- cash - VEINTREE: Identification and authentication system based on palm vein biometrics used in disaster management

3a) CHF 2’500.- cash - MeasureMe: Mobile application to measure and weigh children in developing countries to detect and assess malnutrition

3b) CHF 2’500.- cash - Dental Simulator: is a mobile application simulator useful for students to simulate and practice dental procedures such as dental anesthesia, root canal treatment, dental implants, etc…

IdeArk_logoThe Free IdeArk Incubation award went to team VIPRODEV.

The organizers of the ICC’2016 would like to thank all the 8 teams for their hard work and their commitment during the three weeks of the challenge and wish them all the best for their entrepreneurial future.

MeasureMe - Dental Simulator
MeasureMe - Dental Simulator
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ICC'2015 Results

CHF 5'000.- Eyeware

Eyeware develops machine vision solutions for use in healthcare, research and robotics, by leveraging their patented eye-gaze tracking technology.

ICC'2015 Winner: Eyeware

CHF 5'000.- Dialexy

Dialexy develops machine learning algorithms to improve and automate the translation process, and achieve superior translation quality.

ICC'2015 Winner: Dialexy

CHF 5'000.- App4Autism

App4 Autism is aiming to establish a modern instrument for therapy and education and facilitate communication between autistic children and their families and educators. Ultimately, it will help autistic children achieve their potential in life. More info can be found on Idiap’s crowdfunding page: App4Autism.

ICC'2015 Winner: App4Autism

The Free IdeArk Incubation award went to team Eyeware.

The organizers of the ICC’2015 would like to thank all the 7 teams for their hard work and their commitment during the three weeks of the challenge and wish them all the best for their entrepreneurial future.

ICC'2014 Results

2014 - Projects funding portal

The winners of the International Create Challenge 2014, accelerator program organized by Idiap in Martigny, have been announced:

ICC'2014 awards

1) CHF 5'000.- Horus

Horus is an innovative device devised to fit any pair of glasses and improve the quality of life of visually impaired people behaving as a personal and unobtrusive assistant. It will be able to analyse its surroundings, obtain useful information thanks to text reading, objects and people recognition, road signs and zebra crossings detection, and audibly communicate them to the user through voice.

2) CHF 5'000.- Anemomind

Anemomind proposes a fully automatic solution to record, analyze, exploit, share on the web, and visualize sailing data. It brings real-time boat performance diagnostics and automatically calibrated true wind estimation to sailors, enabling them to optimize boat trimmings and, ultimately, race results.

3) CHF 5'000.- BioWatch

The BioWatch is the world first biometric watch that reads the unique pattern of your wrist veins to authenticate you and unlock your world.


Free incubation award: Horus

ICC'2014 incubation award


ICC'2013 Results

During a celebratory dinner on Thursday, October 10th, the following results of the second edition of the International were announced:


Find all the pictures of the awards ceremony here

On Friday, October 11th, at the event “Oser entreprendre”, François Foglia, Deputy Director of Idiap Research Institute and organizer of the ICC’2013, awarded the Ideark Incubator prize to: Luma7

Finally, Charles Roussin from Eurofin Hospitality endowed Exo-Brain and CloudGuide with the pitch award. The winning teams will profit from one week of communication training.
The organizers of the ICC’2013 would like to thank ALL the 10 teams for their hard work and their commitment during the three weeks of the challenge and wish them all the best for their entrepreneurial future


ICC'2012 Results


Photos of the awards are available here.

For the slides of the award ceremony, click here.


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