ICC'2018 FAQ

Who can participate?

Anybody who, at the moment of application, is over the age of 18, has an entrepreneurial spirit and at least one of the three following skills: developer/researcher, designer and/or entrepreneur. National as well as international candidates are welcome to apply. We accept people who have ideas, ideas and a team or are simply interested in joining a team.

How many candidates will be selected to participate in the ICC?

Our budget allows us to accommodate up to 30 candidates. This means we will select around 10 teams of 2-3 people during the second step of the selection process.

Is it possible for a team to submit candidacy?

Yes, but only in the second step of the selection process. Teams must be composed of 2-3 people who possess one or more of the following skills: developer/researcher, designer and/or entrepreneur. At least one of the team members must be a candidate selected during the first step of the selection process. The other team members are not necessarily first step selected candidates. Projects/teams that already exist as a company will not be considered.

Is it possible for a single person to submit candidacy in step 2 of the selection process?

No, only first step selected candidates who are part of a team of 2-3 people can submit a project proposal in the second step of the selection process.

Is it possible for the selected candidates and teams to come up with their own ideas?

Yes, it is even strongly encouraged. However, the proposed ideas must be within the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, it is also possible to come up with your own technologies or/and codes in order to develop a prototype.

What is the main goal of the ICC program?

The goal of the International Create Challenge is to come up with minimum viable products (MVPs) and to create new businesses. Therefore, the program offers a unique opportunity to go from ideas to the prototype of a product in a very short time.

What is the duration of the program?

The International Create Challenge is a 3-week immersive program (24/7).

Where and when will the ICC'2018 take place?

The ICC'2018 will take place in Martigny/Valais, Switzerland, from 28 August to 18 September, 2018.

What are the costs of the ICC for the selected candidates?

The 3-week program is free of charge for the selected candidates/teams. Accommodation and 1 meal per day (dinner, without drinks) are included in the program. The round trip to and from Martigny is paid by the candidates.

What are the awards of the ICC'2018?

The winning teams will share a cash prize of CHF 5'000.-. Should one of the winning teams decide to create a company locally by integrating the IdeArk Incubator, it may profit from in-kind support and services estimated at over CHF 100'000.-.
There is also the possibility to negotiate seed funding in exchange of equity of the created company, to gain access to the IMD Start-Up Competition 2018 and to win a week of communication training.
Furthermore, Groupe Mutuel offers an additional award (called the “Healthtech Innovators Award”) to the team(s) that propose projects applying Artificial Intelligence to the health or in the insurance domain or both. This award can be up to CHF 15k.

How many teams/projects will receive an award?

The ICC'2018 Jury reserves itself the right to decide the number of winning teams during the final selection. The winning teams will share a cash prize of CHF 15'000. For the additional awards, the number of assignments will depend on the quality of the projects.

Do the selected teams have access to technologies during the ICC?

In between the 2-step selection process, a technology portfolio will be provided to the first step selected candidates. This document presents in detail the various technologies available at the Idiap Research Institute as well as the researchers involved. ICC participants may have access to it during the 3-week program in order to help them develop their prototype.

Will the selected teams be in touch with the best scientists of the chosen research domains?

Yes, during one day the selected teams will have the opportunity to exchange with the best Swiss researchers involved in the selected domains of research. Scientists (PhDs, PostDocs, Senior researchers and professors) in the domain of Idiap will attend the challenge to brainstorm around the teams' ideas, to advice and make suggestions.

Is the winning team/project obliged to start a business locally at the end of the program?

No. However, in order for the winning team/project to benefit from certain above mentioned in-kind awards, the creation of a business on the premises of the IdeArk Incubator is required. The IdeArk Incubator offers the chance to join in its program as soon as the International Create Challenge has ended.

What are the rules concerning Intellectual Properties (IP) ?

The IPs remain in the hands of the technology owners. The teams, which use IPs of the Idiap Research Institute, need to negotiate with the IP owners at the creation of their business and deal with royalties, patents, etc. Furthermore, applicants certify to hold the legitimate intellectual property rights relating to the projects they submit, and they shall be responsible for managing the intellectual property rights with the involved institutions (employer, partner, and so forth). The organizers claim no intellectual property rights relating to the submitted projects and their responsibility cannot be held thereby.

What is the Healthtech Innovators Award?

The Healthtech Innovators Award is an additional award, offered by Groupe Mutuel. This award of up to CHF 15k can be won by a team applying Artificial Intelligence to the health or in the insurance domain or both. The winner will be chosen by a special "Health/Insurance" jury. Afterwards, Groupe Mutuel will open their network to the winning team for future evolution (partners, fundings, coaching,...). Optionnally, the winning team will join the Groupe Mutuel acceleration program InnoPeaks.