Dear ICC’2019 candidate,

In order to participate in the selection process, we kindly ask you to join the LinkedIn group “ICC - International Create Challenge” as soon as possible:

You now have till Monday, June 3rd to:

a) Set up a team of 2 to 3 people. In order to do so,
     a. either join a team or find additional team members, for example with the help of the above mentioned LinkedIn group,
     b. or come with your own team.

b) Submit via the following link: project upload
     a. a detailed work plan (max 5 pages, one-sided), using the following template: project proposal template) discussing your project. This plan must contain:
         1. a clear description of the (business) opportunity and the challenge
         2. the development approach, and
         3. a description of the strength and complementarity of the team members

     b. the CVs of all the team members must be submitted in one single PDF-file with the work plan.

     c. a 90 seconds pitch-video (please see further explanations here: pitch template) in which your team needs to answer the following questions:
         1. What is your project about?
         2. How is it innovative?
         3. How will it improve people’s everyday life?

Furthermore, we want to remind you of the following points (see also “Terms & Conditions”):

  • To be eligible, submitted projects need to exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) as available within the Idiap Research Institute (
  • Only projects which have not yet been registered as a company can be considered for participation in the ICC’2019.
  • Selected participants requiring a visa to enter Switzerland for the three weeks of the ICC’2019 are alone responsible for the obtainment of this visa. The organizers cannot be held responsible should the visa be refused and thereby prevent the candidate from participating.
  • During the three weeks of the ICC’2019, participants will be lodged in shared hotel rooms (2-3 people per room).

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via [contact (@)].

We wish you an excellent day and a good start into the 2nd application phase.