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"The ICC has given us the opportunity to properly develop and validate our idea. I'm really thankful towards the organization for giving us such a choice to work so deeply and hard while also having a great time in an international environment." Cristina Pérez Ferrer from CloudGuide

"The ICC is filling up a real gap on the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. I hope to see it thriving and that it gets a lot more international attention as it truly deserves! Amazing work by the organizers!!!" Anonymous

"Overall, I think you did a splendid job, and I salute you for all your efforts. I am sure you changed the professional course of many people with these 3 weeks." Leila Karimzade from BabelBytes

"I was very pleased with the program, thanks. And congratulations on organizing this excellent opportunity! I hope it can continue in the future." Arlo Faria from ReMeeting

"ICC has given me an opportunity to bring out the enterprising spirit in me. Participating in a competition such as ICC is "electrifying". It has driven my team to put in 110% of our effort to develop our project. We don't have to worry about the meals and everything else. Bring us together in one location, and cutting out our routine means that we can really focus on our project. We have been able to put into practice what we have learnt. For example, personas are a great way of conveying the messages; and we have turned them into screencast videos. I have also learnt a great deal about pitching and that "no business is like show business". Last but not least, I also discovered the various startup opportunities being offered by Valais and Switzerland. They are very attractive, indeed! I haven't found any similar level of offer elsewhere in Europe. Well done for the organizing team!" Norman Poh from Exo-Brain


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"The ICC was easily one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had. All the participants and speakers were great and I learned at ton from everyone. It's shocking what can be done in 3 weeks when there's a little bit of friendly competition. Our project is still going strong and it never would have existed without the ICC." (Erik Ziegler of Biomod)

"The ICC was really an adrenaline shot for me. A week before the commencement of the program, my start-up dreams were in tatters because of various unfortunate circumstances. But François [Foglia] pushed me to attend the program nevertheless, courtesy of which my entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions are truly alive and kicking. It was a really important 3 weeks for me, which could restore and sky-rocket my ambitions." (Appu Shaji of Croppola/Insight)

"It was a great job well done! A great learning experience." (Lakshmi Saheer of EmoGen)

"I really enoyed my three weeks at the ICC and got a lot of useful information from the sessions as well as feedback from the coaches." (Angela Yao of BodyPose)

"Your ICC has really been a succes, but we all know it! The strenghts: overall organization, density, great talks, many start-up teams, overall coaching to tranform a theoretic idea into a real potential business. The fact that everything was free is also something amazing, and during 3 weeks!" (Tristan Renaud of BioMod)

"Excellent organization for a 1st-time event!" (Anonymous)

"I'm very thankful for the opportunity, I really hope this event [...] grows more as it has a lot of potential." (Anonymous)

"The ICC'2012 was a very exciting experience.I enjoyed the friendly environment and the positive attitude of all the participants. My team greatly benefited from the program and we learnt a lot about how to startup from scratch, as for instance:

1. Get yourself out of the inertia and if you want to start up, just get it done.
2. Build fast a minimum viable product or a service that interests your customers so much that you are able to build a great business out of it.
3. Fund your idea but asses wisely why and how much money you need.
4. Build a winning team. Look at people who are startup ready and people who can multi-task and take on much more than just what they are "experts" at.
5. Get ready to be on the market.
I would strongly recommend to join the program to all of you who have a good idea and want to startup in the wonderful region of Valais!!" (Elena Gianfranco of Connect 4 Business)