A 9-day AI SUPER HACKATHON to transform your ideas into prototypes!

ICC'2022 has been held from August 16th to August 24th 2022

The ICC'2022 winners are now known! Congratulations to


Laterna Magica | ICC award 2022


TRANSACT | BCVs Innovation Challenge 1st award 2022


SolveHR | BCVs Innovation Challenge 2nd award 2022


Teams WHO TOOK PART IN the 11th edition

1 – LightAI4Comfort

This project aims at developing an AI-driven lighting control system adaptable to different office spaces. This system is conceived to manage the solar admission through electric blinds and the electric lighting in order to maximize the use of daylight, while avoiding direct sunlight as a potential source of glare. Unlike other systems, our setup does not include any sensor nor camera inside the space, thus enforcing privacy preservation for the user(s) and reducing infrastructure costs.

2 - MHTI

The objective of the project "Mental Health in Tech Industry" is to provide the general public with a prediction model based on the data from OSMI (Open Sourcing Mental Illness) of possible mental health disorders, as well as an indication to consult professionals in the area or point out improvements in the working conditions of a particular company.

3 - BISS

BISS (Bugzilla and Intranet Semantic Search) aims to provide a simple interface to help Idiapers find important information on Intranet and Bugzilla. The interest of this type of search lies in the fact that we will use semantic search to offer relevant results. It can be extended to other companies looking for ways to make their internal knowledge more accessible to their employees.

4 – LaternaMagica

LaternaMagica is an interactive beamer that can project on different surfaces in an indoor environment. The interaction capability will be achieved through natural gestures and gaze by using different existing AI techniques. The proposed device will be conceived with a motorized mirror coupled with a beamer/projector and an RGBD camera.

5 – SolveHR: Natural language inference for professional search

During ICC we will build an AI-based model which can flexibly match job descriptions (and selection criteria) to people's CVs. The project will deliver a platform which allows HR professionals to state their selection criteria preferences, and using natural language inference, to find a best-matching set of candidates (and transparently, provide a supporting explanation).


Team TRANSACT will work on the BCVs challenge:
Targeted anticipation of customer expectations through a holistic and systemic approach to data



Total cash prizes up to CHF 10K



Why AI ?
Today, AI is one of the most active and promising application domain in the computer science field. Thanks to data analysis, it can help us face many challenges in our society, such as in healthcare, or environmental issues.

The ICC takes place in the heart of the Idiap Research Institute, one of the most active independent research center in AI and information technology. Its activities encompass research, training, and technology transfer activities following a common vision: Artificial Intelligence for Society.

Take part in one of the most intense hackathon ever held in the field of AI.

While other regular hackathons last only a few days, our AI Super Hackathon offers 9 days of intense development on-site. You will go further and deeper in your achievement to create a working demo or prototype of your idea.

Only the best ideas are selected and get the chance to participate in this challenge.



How it works

During the 9 days of intensive development, selected teams will work on-site and get access to:
networking opportunities, office space, AI-experts, visibility, refundable living costs and a unique hackathon experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Selection process:

(individual registration is required for all team members)
Deadline: July 11th 2022 (extended!)
Once registered, we will redirect you to a private network platform to help you find team mates for your project.


Our mission

The Idiap Create Challenge provides the perfect place and resources to drive ideas into prototypes and demonstrators, offering attractive prizes as well as advice and support from technology and AI experts.



Motivation, creativity, team spirit, technical development & AI skills.


Jury & Partners The ICC'2022 jury & partners are composed of international experts from the eligible research and technology areas as well as the entrepreneurial domain.

Click here to see the jury & partners panel

Laurent Bischof

Laurent Bischof Tech Entrepreneur & Venture Capital investor

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Bornet Olivier

Olivier Bornet Head of Research and Development Team

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Hervé Bourlard

Prof. Hervé Bourlard Director of Idiap Research Institute

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Bruttin Nicolas

Nicolas Bruttin Corporate Development Manager at Banque Cantonale du Valais

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Joël Dumoulin

Joël Dumoulin Technology Transfer Officer at Idiap

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Eggel Didier

Didier Eggel Head Corporate & Business Development at Banque Cantonale du Valais

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François Foglia

Dr. François Foglia Deputy Director of Idiap Research Institute, Ideark Director

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Jung Park

Jung Park Associate Professor at ISG Paris

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Nadine Reichenthal

Nadine Reichenthal Expert in business processes and management of international projects

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Daniel Rüfle

Daniel Rüfle Business Developer, Coach at CimArk

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Sokhn Maria

Maria Sokhn Professor at University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland

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