A 9-day AI SUPER HACKATHON to transform your ideas into prototypes!

ICC'2022, 11 th Edition is happening, information will come soon.

In the meantime you can checkout information below from ICC'2021

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Selected Teams for the 10th edition

1 – innovAItor

Creating new ideas, products, or services that hit the market is a challenge. Innovation teams have a hard time trying to think out-of-the-box and coming up with exactly that novel product that fills the users’ needs. We will create a AI tool that helps companies to innovate by learning from large time-stamped corpora how new concepts are created and building a model that incorporates domain-specific knowledge and relevant social media context to track trends and users' needs and wishes.

2 - AICIdemo

Can AI really replace quality optics in our photo cameras? We are developing a hands-on demo around AI-based computational imaging. The demo will both illustrate the imaging process (from training to testing) as well as highlight the feats and limitations of this technology.

3 - MyLinguist

MyLinguist is a personalized AI-based voice assistant designed to teach you a new language using cutting-edge technologies in conversational AI. It uses an accelerated and successful teaching methodology to make your learning an exciting experience without the need for memorizing or doing homework and only based on understanding. You experience personalized learning based on your interests, current language skills, and points of strengths/weaknesses. Our software sorts out information within an all-inclusive map and liberates quality time for insights.

4 – ProtectID

Biometric recognition systems use privacy-sensitive information for authentication. Hence, revealing this information jeopardizes the users' privacy. ProtectID focuses on the privacy issues of biometric authentication and provides solutions for protected biometric recognition systems.


Given the current health crisis related to COVID-19, the hackathon will take place both on-site at Idiap Research Institue and online via the portal DevPost: The home for hackathons.


Total cash prize up to CHF 15K



Why AI ?
Today, AI is one of the most active and promising application domain in the computer science field. Thanks to data analysis, it can help us face many challenges in our society, such as in healthcare, or environmental issues.

The ICC takes place in the heart of the Idiap Research Institute, one of the most active independent research center in AI and information technology. Its activities encompass research, training, and technology transfer activities following a common vision: Artificial Intelligence for Society.

Take part in one of the most intense hackathon ever held in the field of AI.

While other regular hackathons last only a few days, our AI Super Hackathon offers 9 days of intense development on-site. You will go further and deeper in your achievement to create a working demo or prototype of your idea.

Only the best ideas are selected and get the chance to participate in this challenge.



How it works

During the 9 days of intensive development, selected teams will work on-site and get access to:
networking opportunities, office space, AI-experts, visibility, refundable living costs and a unique hackathon experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps.


Our mission

The International Create Challenge provides the perfect place and resources to drive ideas into prototypes and demonstrators, offering attractive prizes as well as advice and support from technology and AI experts.



Motivation, creativity, team spirit, technical development & AI skills.


Jury & Partners The ICC'2020 jury & partners are composed of international experts from the eligible research and technology areas as well as the entrepreneurial domain.

Click here to see the jury & partners panel

Idiap Research Institute

Prof. Hervé Bourlard (Idiap Research Institute)

Professor Hervé Bourlard is Director of the Idiap Research Institute, a not-for-profit research institute affiliated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Geneva. He is also a professor at EPFL and Director of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Interactive Multimodal Information Management (IM2). He is the author of more than 250 peer-reviewed publications, and manages several large collaborative European Union projects. His current interests include statistical pattern classification, signal processing, multi-channel processing, artificial neural networks, and applied mathematics, with applications to speech and speaker recognition, language modeling, and multimodal interaction. He also initiated several start-up companies, and is the recipient of a few prestigious entrepreneurship awards.

Idiap Research Institute

Dr. François Foglia (Idiap Research Institute, Ideark representative)

François is Deputy Director at Idiap Research Institute, Director ad-interim of Ideark SA, company which encourages the creation of start-ups and facilitates the development of business opportunities related to the management of multimedia information and man-machine interfaces and President of the AIM2 association. Involved in several start-ups as board member, François has a long experience in managing scientific projects and start-up ventures. François is the initiator and organizer of the ICC'2012.

Joël Rossier

Mr. Joël Rossier (TheArk)

Joël is currently innovation project manager for The Ark. He holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from EPFL and worked for several years on diverse projects involving academic institutes and private companies, essentially on hardware acceleration, bio-informatics and biometrics. In his current position, he helps bridging the gap in between academic ideas and commercial products, and promotes innovation through The Ark processes.

Laurent Bischof

Laurent Bischof (Eurofin Ventures)

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Laurent Bischof has worked for Mr. Armand Lombard, Private Banker, to develop a network of business angels dedicated to early stage investment. He then managed the operations of a Biotech before joining Bisange, an investment consulting company, as partner. He participated also to the launch of an Investment vehicle in Luxemburg, which had as objective to invest in young companies in Europe with a multi-sector approach. He serves today in several start-up boards and acts as COO of Eurofin Ventures SA. He has over 10 years experience in the Private Equity field.

Daniel Rüfle

Daniel Rüfle (CimArk)

The company CimArk helps SMEs to improve their competitiveness and provides professional support for start-up companies. By drawing on a vast network of excellence encompassing regional, national and international partners, CimArk offers proactive support not only in consolidating your current position, but more particularly in developing potential areas of new business. Positioned between AR&D and the companies, CimArk possesses established industrial experience in the use of specific tools and in active monitoring of the market. CimArk, formerly Cimtec, was founded in 1991. It consists of a team of 22 engineers and economists.

Patrick Biro

Patrick Biro (Program Manager Venture Kick)

After having studied micro-engineering at EPFL, Patrick worked 3 years in the space sector as sales engineer responsible for large proposals management, contract negotiation and business development. To challenge his entrepreneurial skills, Patrick joined a Web startup based in Madrid which objective was to develop an online recruitment platform for students and graduates. He worked there one year and half as head of product and also part of the founding team. Wishing to move back to Switzerland, Patrick joined IFJ AG as Program Manager for the Venture Kick program since August 2016.


Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet (Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Geneva)

Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he leads the Viper group. His research is directed towards large-scale, high-dimensional distributed machine learning and information mining and indexing, with applications to data modelling and prediction. He has authored, co-authored or edited a number of publications on these topics. He and his group are part of several national and European and international projects in the domain. He is Senior PC Member of the International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI, one of the oldest established conferences in AI). He was general co-chair of the International Conference of the ACM-SIG on Information Retrieval in 2010 (ACM-SIGIR 2010) and general co-chair of the 16th IEEE Conference in Business Informatics in 2014 (IEEE-CBI 2014).


Gilles Burnier (Senior Business Engineer and Innovation Coach, Groupe Mutuel)

Gilles Burnier is a trained telecom engineer and holder of a MAS in quality, innovation and strategic management.

Before joining the Groupe Mutuel, he participated to the foundation of an IT startup and worked for one of the biggest European industrial companies where he could collaborate on many patent deposits.

His current activities are mainly related to business engineering and innovation with a focus set on delivering efficient, cost-effective and ideally disruptive solutions to complex issues.

He has a very broad and deep knowledge of the the Swiss health environnement and business and is thrilled to participate, as an active member of the core-team, to the definition of the new SHIP (Swiss Health Information Processing) standard and to the shaping of what he hopes will be the future of health insurance industry in Switzerland.


Christophe Saam (Fondateur et CEO P&TS SA.)

Christophe Saam has a degree in electronic engineering from the EPFL, (The Swiss Federal Institute for Technology, Lausanne), and a degree in European patent litigation from the University of Strasbourg. He is a Swiss patent attorney and was admitted as European Patent Attorney with the European Patent Office (EPO).


Nadine Reichenthal (Expert in business processes and management of international projects)

Focus on Entrepreneurship! Teach, train and coach entrepreneurs. International Board Member & Keynote Speaker

- Teach,Train and Coach in Entrepreneurship Teeanagers, Students, Startups and SME's in Switzerland , Africa and Asia.
- Cultivate a wide range of knowledge around Entrepreneurial Scene and Startups Resources in Switzerland and abroad.
-Specific focus on Women Empowerment with dedicated training and initiatives around the globe.


Gaspard Couchepin (Attorney-at-law admitted to the bar)

Doctor of Law (Ph.D.), Gaspard Couchepin is an attorney-at-law as well as a notary, and one of the partners of MCE Avocats.


Dumoulin Joël (Technology Transfer Officer at Idiap)

As Technology Transfer Officer at Idiap, I am pleased to take advantage of my research expertise and my passion for new technologies to help Swiss companies innovate. I am the contact person for companies interested in collaborating with Idiap and I collaborate with researchers to prepare industrial projects like for instance The Ark and Innosuisse projects.


Gago Ricardo (Venturekick Program Manager at Venturelab)

As a program manager, I am the person in charge of preparing and coordinating all Venture Kick jury sessions and Kickers Camps, which represent approximately 100 events this year. I am also actively looking for great potential startup projects from Swiss universities and Swiss research centers for which I organize meetings to learn more about their project and discuss the advantages and value that Venture Kick can offer them.


Park Jung (University of Zurich)

Jung’s research focuses on employing advanced data science techniques as tools to solve difficult questions in management research. With his multi-disciplinary background, he has addressed challenges that span social & physical sciences, human insights & data analytics, academic & corporate approaches, and Western & Asian cultures, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and family business. His work appeared in distinct academic journals of management and engineering, including Journal of Wealth Management and Annual IEEE Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium. He has served as a research fellow at IMD Global Family Business Center. He teaches at University of Zurich.


Saad Georges (Co-Founder of Spektrum, Snipcart and Apollo13)

Georges is the cofounder of the web and mobile development company Spektrum in addition to the whole SPK ecosystem. That includes Apollo13 the startup incubator, the coworking space BNKR and Academie the educational branch. He’s also engaged and a partner in multiple growing startups such as Snipcart and XpertSea.


Where in Switzerland ?
Centre du Parc - Rue Marconi 19 - 1920 Martigny - Switzerland
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