About us

Ever been frustrated by a partially achieved prototype created during a hackathon? As engineers, researchers, and creators, we experienced this limitation first-hand. Therefore we came up with our own unique 9-day AI SUPER HACKATHON! The best way to transform your ideas into prototypes!

ICC started in 2012, under the International Create Challenge name. The hackathon was launched by Idiap Research Institute in the framework of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Interactive Multimodal Information Management (IM2) coordinated by our institute. Both AI based technologies and turning ideas into applied project coined ICC's spirit from the beginning.


Over the years, thanks to the experience we gained, we shifted from a three weeks event dedicated to entrepreneurship to a 9-day event focusing on the prototyping dimension. This evolution allows us to better answer current needs for proof-of-concept prototypes for both businesses or research oriented projects. In 2023, we decided to rebrand the hackathon to strengthen the link with our institute: Idiap Create Challenge.


Discover our spirit thanks to the video below presenting ICC 2022 winners:


Who are we?

ICC is organized by Idiap Research Institute thanks to its dedicated teams:

  • The Program Management team coordinates the whole event
  • The Communications team helps to promote the event
  • Our partners from Conexkt take care of the daily activities during the event


Do you want to support us?

We offer dedicated sponsoring schemes for organizations and individuals wishing to support our event.


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