ICC'2018 selected teams

ICC'2018 selected teams

1 Robos : Open source and free operating system for robots. ROBOS core is an artificial intelligence capability based on unique deep structured learning model. Operating system allows a robot to start performing new tasks without conventional programming. While acting, robot learns and enhances its performance online without need of supercomputing power.

2 advAIsor : advAIsor uses AI to measure and improve internal corporate sentiment, emotional states and process efficiency across locations, departments and topics. The technology aims to eliminate senseless corporate inefficiencies and conflicts, maximize engagement, satisfaction and team morale of employees and clients.

3 MoneyID : MoneyID is about empowering blind and low vision people, to be completely independent when dealing with physical money.

4 BetterSkillz : BetterSkillz is an innovative online cricket coaching platform powered by advanced AI and machine learning tools which aims to revolutionize the way cricket is coached by connecting coaches and players all over the world.

5 VERISWISS : Veriswiss aims at protecting kids from online adult contents by introducing a best-in-class face-based age estimation solution to regulated websites worldwide.

6 TellTheHotel : TellTheHotel aims to become the ideal Instant Messaging Virtual Assistant for hotels, to serve the guest before, during and after the stay.

7 LeukoCounter : LeukoCounter aims to boost diagnosis potential through AI techniques, blood tests and mobile services.

8 Volt-Face : Allowing the chronically ill to rebound their lives.