ICC'2019 selected teams

AI-assisted Virtual Fitting Room The project aims to provide a simulated fitting room experience for online clothes shopping by letting users apply new clothes into their own image captured by webcam or phone camera. With the recent advantage of deep learning, GAN-based style transferring, and web technologies, client-side AI processing, our project targets not only user experience but also preserving user privacy.


Baadoom is a project for predicting neonatal apnea (SID) using Artificial Intelligence and IoT. We plan to use a smart wearable gadget designed for monitoring vital signs in infants to collect the data required for analysis of health-related issues in infants of 6-18 months old.


Vise is an app designed to solve two simple problems: what does my insurance covers? Does the price fit with the actual market?
By using AI we can make the general terms speak clearly and see if we can find a better insurance product for you (and perhaps at a better price).


Next Insights We design the new workspace of the future - an intelligent environment that helps humans to transform fragmented information into knowledge in a way that facilitates learning, collaboration and decision making. It frees time and energy for creativity and progress.


DPE The Digital Patient Engagement solution aims to enrich a patient’s experience throughout the continuum of care of their preventive, medical and care intervention. It will improve access to high-quality, patient-centered experience, from case identification, pre-diagnosis, diagnosis/pre-treatment, and treatment and post-treatment interventions to their interactions with other health system actors.


AIvidence Startups and pharmaceutical companies are racing to build machine learning algorithms to improve healthcare services. Built on top of the network of hospitals partnering with the EU-funded Human Brain Project, `AIvidence` will offer reference clinical datasets and benchmarking services to machine learning creators, helping them in their journey from initial idea and the need to collect patient data to a robust algorithm ready for official certification and deployment.


Mixoper Arra is a visual support platform based on AR and AI technology. There is no need for any app download or installation. The user just needs to connect to the support agent via a link sent over SMS message. The user can directly show and share the pictures of problem scenario via the mobile’s camera, and receive step by step guidance along with annotated text over pictures explaining exactly what steps to take to solve the problem.


TEN The Empathic Network project is connecting the real world to the virtual using as many types of sensory equipment as possible. The initial focus of the project connects patients and data acquired from various medical devices.