1 week of communication coaching for ICC’2012 start-ups Emogen and Insight

Having won the ICC’2012’s Pitch Challenge award, the ventures Emogen and Insight “collected” their prize by enjoying one week of communication training offered by Eurofin Hospitality.


In order to correspond to the development of Emogen’s and Insight’s project, Eurofin Hospitality created a program around the topics of the Business Model, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Based on the concept of “Open Innovation”, the different workshops allowed them to refine the business plans they are currently elaborating at the IMD.

During the last week, the teams met the following personalities:

-          Alexandre Cadosch, CEO of the Eurofin Group, with whom they could exchange opinion and ideas about their projects;

-          Emmanuel Barreto, International Expert in Tourism at Eurofin Hospitality, who developed with them the notions of “services”;

-          Firas Khouja, Marketing Manager of the Eurofin Group, who reviewed their business models and guided them concerning marketing issues.


We wish them all the best for the successful future of their projects!