4 ICC'2012 ventures amongst the winners of the IMD Startup Competition 2013

The ventures of 4 ICC'2012 participants have been selected amongst the 21 winners of the 15th IMD Startup Competition.


In September 2012, EmoGen, Insight, Prevue Medical (former BioMod) and VocaBoca participated in the ICC'2012, where they were granted a direct access to the 15th IMD Startup Competition.

Now, the four ventures were announced amongst the winners of this competition and will have the opportunity to collaborate during three months with 90 fulltime MBA students in 2013 (for a brief description of the start-ups, please click here).

The prize will allow the selected ventures to profit from insights of an experienced group of high caliber international students. In this way they can:

- benefit from their concentrated help to crack some of the most resistant business challenges

- gain fresh thinking to refine and validate business models or provide new momentum to fund-raising efforts

- get outsiders to test concepts and help develop the most appropriate development routes

(source: www.imd.org/programs/mba/companies/startups.cfm)


We congratulate EmoGen, Insight, Prevue Medical and VocaBoca on their success in the IMD Startup Competition!