And the winners are...

Winners of the International Create Challenge (ICC'2019) share a common will to use artificial intelligence for day to day applications. Here are the selected projects.

Idiap Research Institute prizes

  • 1st Vise project, which brings together a team from Valais, aims to make intelligible the terms & conditions of insurance policies thanks to a smart search engine to browse them.
  • 2nd Next Insights team plans to analyse a company's information to help make decisions.
  • 3rd Virtual Fitting Room, the Vietnamese team want to reduce returns when ordering clothes online by offering a virtual fitting room.

"The projects we decided to support come from very practical opportunities," says François Foglia, Idiap's deputy director. "These projects have particularly convinced us by their impact on everyday life." The institute offered a financial support of CHF 15,000 to three winners.

“AI for Health and Insurance” Groupe Mutuel prizes

  • 1st Baadoom, the Iranian team wants to create a support application for young mothers through experience sharing.
  • 2nd The Empathic Network, the British team wants to improve the patient-doctor thanks to a better use of medical data.
  • 3rd Digital Patient Engagement Team, the Kenyan team has been awarded for its idea of medical records that can be carried on a smartphone to facilitate medical care.

Congratulations and thank you to all the teams and experts for their engagement!

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