Great news from the ICC'2012 venture Prevue/BioMod

"Our startup largely owes its existence to the ICC", reveals Maro Sciacchitano, ICC'2012 participant and one of the three founders of the venture Prevue/BioMod. "The concept behind Prevue only took shape after the first round of the ICC selection process, and the software alpha demonstration was almost entirely created during the three weeks of the challenge in Martigny/Switzerland".

Since winning a top prize at the International Create Challenge in fall 2012, Prevue Medical has been busy raising funds. Mario Sciacchitano, Erik Ziegler and Tristan Renaud, who all met through the ICC, have already obtained a grant from the Belgian government and released their software as a closed beta. They decided to incorporate the company as "Prevue", but have tentatively retained the name BioMod for their product: a web-based medical image processing system that helps doctors create 3D printed models of anatomy.

These models can be used by doctors for diagnosis, procedure planning and for patient communication and education. The team is currently pursuing FDA approval for their software and models as well as a second round of funding and recruiting innovative medical professionals to evaluate their beta product.

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