ICC'2013 - Congratulations to the 10 selected teams

The organizers of the ICC'2013 are proud to announce that 10 promising teams and projects have been chosen to participate in this year's edition of the International Create Challenge.

After the reception of 32 project proposals, the ICC'2013 Jury set to work with the mission of selecting the best projects and teams amongst them. At the end of last week, the results were announced and the successful teams invited to participate in the three week challenge in Martigny.

The organizers of the ICC'2013 are happy to welcome the following teams from September, 21 to October, 11: Online Healhtcare Analyics platform, HoReCast, Meeting Recorder Prototype, BabelBytes, Powzy, Turbo analysis oil exploration, Luma 7, AGE - Affective Gaming and Education, Creative World, GuideMe.

Furthermore, the organizers would like to thank all participants for their work and commitment and encourage them to keep working on their projects in the future.