Results of the International Create Challenge 2017

On Tuesday, September 19th, after three weeks of hard work and networking, the ICC’2017 participants found out which teams the jury had selected among the winners of the challenge. The organizers of the ICC’2017 are proud to announce the following winning teams:


forensic_voice_recognition_system-icc2017-award-ceremony.jpg1) CHF 5’000.- cash - Forensic Voice Recognition System (Srikanth Madikeri) Forensic speaker recognition (FSR) involves the expert assessment of voice recordings to determine the identity of a speakers. In this project, FVRS develop a speaker comparison tool to provide a forensic strength of evidence based on the speaker recognition system developed at Idiap to meet the increasing demand of FSR services from law enforcement agencies in and around Switzerland.




robobay-icc2017-award-ceremony.jpg2) CHF 5’000.- cash - Robobay (Yaroslav Pishta) RoboBay is a cloud computing service for automatic/quant trading robots. Our clients are traders who need to manage their robots, developers and investors who are looking for the most successful robots. Supporting 10+ programming languages, available trading with crypto currencies and collaborative development, RoboBay is designed to be an efficient tool which will make client’s lives easier.




top-down-icc2017-award-ceremony.jpg3) CHF 5’000.- cash - TOP DOWN (Renato Rodrigues) Correlated to the theme "smart cities", the Top Down project uses the technology of IoT (Internet of Things) integrating a hardware with a mobile app and generating strategic information for public transport users, providing comfort and safety in travel. Digital payment and generation of Big Data make the experience even more dynamic both for the passenger and the urban mobility.




IdeArk_logoThe Free IdeArk Incubation award went to team Forensic Voice Recognition System.


The organizers of the ICC’2017 would like to thank all the 7 teams for their hard work and their commitment during the three weeks of the challenge and wish them all the best for their entrepreneurial future.

ICC'2017 Teams
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