Winners of the ICC'2018 edition

This year, the highest prize has been awarded to the advAIsor team, which also received the prize of TheArk Foundation!

Webcast of the ceremony award can be found here:

ICC'2018 award ceremony with François Foglia


ICC'2018 award ceremony with Nicolas Loeillot, Groupe Mutuel





advAIsor is taking a deeper look at big data in corporations to uncover malicious offline times, information overflows and harmfully negative emotional states of employees expressed through their digital communication footprint. advAIsor uses AI, Natural Language Processing and social graph theory to unwrap the complexity of the corporate psyche in order to help firms become fit for the digital revolution and support more self-aware employee behaviour, balance and positivity among the workforce.


The BetterSkillz team has also been very successful and received the second highest prize!

BetterSkillz is an innovative cricket coaching platform connecting players and coaches around the world. It is powered by Machine Learning and AI tools that help coaches make data driven decisions to enhance player development process. Our mission is to Extend the reach of Cricket!!

Special HealthTech Innovators prize

As for the special HealthTech Innovators prize, it has been awarded by Groupe Mutuel to the following teams: advAIsor, Veriswiss and LeukoCounter.

Congratulations and thank you again to all for your participation and your dedication throughout those three weeks! We wish you all the best for your future!

ICC will be back next year with its 2019 edition!